Experience in a large Range of Areas

We applied ProMES in a large range of areas such as: Anesthesia, Surgery, Emergency Service, Kidney diseases, Haematology and Emergency units, as well as the Psychiatry sector. We have found that ProMES is a very successful tool to improve the overall quality of care. We have provided management and employees with a tool that makes it possible to combine the quality of care, patient-perceived quality and working environment in a practical way.

Indicator Example: Calcium/Phosphate Balance

In a dialysis ward blood samples from all patients are taken regularly. To be able to see if these samples improved, the design team decided to compile the results from all patients monthly. By doing this they got a chance to see that they managed to improve the care for their patients.

During July-September about 60 % of the patients had a calcium/phosphate balance within the desirable level. After 12-month the proportion was above 70 %.
Many similar indicators and instant feedback on these have been implemented. This has important implications for patient safety. We know that many patients suffer injuries during treatment in health care. By continually monitoring given treatment, guidelines for safe care are followed and the risks can be reduced. By starting a discussion of how safe care can be created and finding indicators, ProMES creates awareness and an understanding of the value to measure and monitor the quality of care.

Team Spirit in Health Care Services

Another effect of introducing ProMES in health care has been an improvement in teamwork. All employees share a common vision and a common way to follow up the jointly created results. We have seen major improvements concerning work climate in all completed applications of ProMES.

We hope to soon be using ProMES on patient level. We know that many diseases are dependent on the patient's ability and motivation to follow prescriptions. To change habitual behaviours is not an easy task. ProMES has proven to be a powerful way to accomplish this. Therefore, we have hope that ProMES can also be a tool that gives patients enhanced opportunities to follow prescriptions and change their lifestyle.