If you want to try ProMES in one of your teams, here’s the deal

Our exclusive offer 100 DAYS gives you the opportunity to test ProMES for 100 days. You will go through the whole developmental process and be able to gather firsthand experience with the method.

Our facilitators will guide your team through all phases of development. Data on the three most important indicators will be collected for a period of two months, you and your team will experience feedback meetings and the development of improvement strategies. At the end of the process you will have a solid measurement system for the most important objective.

DAY 1-10 System Development in Taylor-Made Workshops
→ Vision & Objectives (½ DAY)
→ Indicators & Priorities (½ DAY)
Workshops can be conducted in several short meetings, too.

DAY 11-20 Availability check and installation of the measures
DAY 21-50 Data collection on three measures and fine tuning of the system
DAY 51-90 Regular feedback meetings and strategies for improvements
DAY 91-100 Project Evaluation, Strategy Check, Report & Feedback

Want to find your ProMES expert nearby?


Kenneth Malm, ProMES International


Patrick Vermeren, PerCo


Dr. Hartwig Fuhrmann, t-velopment

Dr. Colin Roth, BlackBox/Open


Dr. Mauro Minelli, effex


Brandon Young, Ph.D, Collaborative Scale