Volume 01, Number 01, January 2017: Maximizing Controllability in ProMES Measures

By Robert D. Pritchard, Harrie van Tuijl, Wendy Bedwell, Sallie Weaver, Julia Fullick, and Natalie Wright Dixon

The Productivity Measurement and Enhancement System (ProMES) makes a big point of using measures that are under the control of the personnel in the unit because controllability of measures is so important for the acceptance and the power of any performance measurement system, including ProMES. This paper suggests ways of improving the controllability of measures, focusing specifically on output measures of performance like those used in ProMES. We argue that it is generally quite feasible to improve the controllability with these techniques. Issues surrounding the assessment of controllability are also discussed. This paper assumes the reader has a knowledge of ProMES and how it is done.

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