"ProMES is a powerful instrument to improve sales performance"

Dr. Mauro Minelli, impatto ag, Switzerland

Mauro studied psychology, education and science, and economics. With his thesis under Prof. R. Kühn and Prof. N. Semmer on the subject of "Performance drivers in sales" he investigated the effectiveness of the ProMES methodology in sales. Mauro is founder and managing partner of effex. He has many years of experience as a consultant. His research and advisory focus are: Behavior-oriented guided selling, sales training, performance metrics in sales and production, and designing and evaluating training concepts. Mauro is lecturer at the universities of Bern and Neuenburg. He holds awards for particularly application-oriented and practically-related research and published various articles on the subject.

The Company

Successful entrepreneurial activity causes constant change. Factual knowledge is not enough to handle this. Psychological knowledge and the ability to influence human behavior in a targeted way are becoming increasingly critical for success. Although we should all really know from our own experience how difficult it is to change our behavior, many keep on acting in daily business life as if our staff and customers ticked in some different and simpler way. Changing behavior is an art that impatto has practiced successfully for years.

ProMES Focus

Organizations that are reaching out for innovative and effective strategies to improve sales performance and leadership effectiveness.

Dr. Mauro Minelli
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