Expertise through Excellence

The ProMES International Competence Centre is an association of ProMES experts bringing together many years of experience within the field of organisational psychology, team development and consulting in HR. The overall goal is to raise attention for the advantages of using ProMES in human resources management, strategic management and other areas. Another goal is to provide training and workshops for practioners and consultants who are interested in becoming a ProMES-Facilitator. ProMES ICC is providing auditing of ProMES Systems resulting in an international ProMES Certificate. The group is also bringing together companies and people across the globe for exchanging their own experiences with ProMES.

ProMES ICC board consists of five ProMES experts

· Dr. Mauro Minelli, impatto ag, Switzerland

· Dr. Hartwig Fuhrmann, t-velopment, Germany

· Leonard Mertens, Simapro, Mexico

· Dr. Colin Roth, BlackBox/Open, Germany

· Dr. Brandon L. Young, PsyNet Group, USA

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